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Com2uS Holdings

Global Blockchain Game CompanyCom2uS Holdings

Founded in 2000, Com2uS Holdings has been a pioneer in the gaming industry.
We are ushering in a new era of games by combining blockchain technology
with our tried-and-true expertise in publishing and game development.

Com2uS Holdings believes in delivering the value of games through creativity and reliable service. Starting with our U.S. office in 2006,
we have established overseas offices in 6 locations around the world, including Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
This robust network has allowed us to firmly establish ourselves as a global game company.

Com2uS Holdings' global publishing capabilities stand out among some of the world's best game publishers.
The driving forces that propelled us forward to become a worldwide leader in publishing are the service expertise
and game platform technology provided by our affiliate, Com2uS Platform.

Com2uS Holdings is shaping the future. As the major holding company of the Com2uS Group, we are revolutionizing the gaming industry
by adding blockchain technology to the merged cultural and technological capabilities of the group.
Through these endeavors, we will strive to become the "best cultural content and platform company in the world."

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